Sunday, 27 January 2008

The Space I Now Call Home

I feel the need, the need
for speed, or some other
kind of amphetamine.
I’m slowly going insane…
My days are numbered
the numbers are shifting -
don’t play their game.
My head, it rolls, the dice
are rattled, the rain, it comes
it only rains when it pours.
the city shifts, it calls, my name
I have to follow, I only
walk in the shadows of
tall buildings. To see
my name, in lights, I feel
the need, the need, for speed.
the rain it comes, it washes away
my aching head, the dice are
rolled, the game has started,
I feel the shift, the fall, the
rumour of new-impressive-beginnings,
my feet, they walk, they follow the
sidewalk through the city, my
footsteps, they fall, they echo
my name, across the space, the
space I now call home.

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