Friday, 5 June 2009

Into the blue of you

It’s just one of those things, which creep up on you slowly, slowly, out of the blue. It’s a moment of panic and pandering for excuses, information – anything to make sense of it all. A reason for why the world - which seemed stable, only a moment before, all of a sudden - is now laid confusingly anew.

And you, at the epicentre of it all, you are the cause of my demise, my fall, into the blue of you. My concentration shattered, shorn of its useful bubble, a buffer to hold back the tide of oncoming strangeness.

My breathing, it quickens - my senses are shot - my feelings are jumbled. I can’t make out a thought, but the anxiety, breed by my experience of you. Only you.

Brief moments

Life is transient
brief moments
I’ve worked hard
But it can mean nothing
In the face of another
adversity, set to slap me
Across the face.

Yet, I will not fail
In my slowly stunted way
Scratching with red raw hands
and broken bent back nails
To the surface

A determined ant
That slowly marches to the top
of the hill, and collapses
And walks again
I will put one foot in front
of the other and walk
My troubles away.

Inhale, Rock N' Exhale

I want my own rock god
Dressed-up and sexed-up rock and
Roll, baby this is real life.
1,2,3,4 now I want you even more

Crush me up against the wall, I just want to
Breathe you in, that smoke and alcohol haze
In my face, croon to me your enigmatic lyrics.

Squat and inhale, just before you exhale
Bellow out your black demands, crazy eyes
On the stage; lapping up the night sky.

Sing to me of yellow skies over blue goodbyes
Need to hear you, tied up in the world of i-deas
Reading in between thin lines; without rhythme.

See the world, twist and twirl, I’m your girl
Roll, baby this is real life.
Cut through, with a knife
Watch, we’re going to cause some strife.

A Glint

It was like seeing him
with that,
of his.
Two interchangeable images
To shoot my eye and tumble
down into my heated self.
The lift of one foot
And another enough to
Suck at my breath
And sway me in unison
With your every thunder-clap
And shoulders
they wink,
Side and sigh again
Move in to me
The yawning
Ribs of steel that hold
Your heart back
Away and sway from me
You herder of lovers
With a glint to pierce my eye.