Friday, 5 June 2009

Inhale, Rock N' Exhale

I want my own rock god
Dressed-up and sexed-up rock and
Roll, baby this is real life.
1,2,3,4 now I want you even more

Crush me up against the wall, I just want to
Breathe you in, that smoke and alcohol haze
In my face, croon to me your enigmatic lyrics.

Squat and inhale, just before you exhale
Bellow out your black demands, crazy eyes
On the stage; lapping up the night sky.

Sing to me of yellow skies over blue goodbyes
Need to hear you, tied up in the world of i-deas
Reading in between thin lines; without rhythme.

See the world, twist and twirl, I’m your girl
Roll, baby this is real life.
Cut through, with a knife
Watch, we’re going to cause some strife.

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