Monday, 2 July 2012

Review: Ted (2012)

A story about a young boy and his talking teddy bear who—as they grow older—develops into a crude, fast-talking Ted with a liking for weed and hookers. Back off Disney—there’s no innocence here.

Ted’s demeanor and his influence on his boyhood friend John, (Mark Wahlberg) poses problems for their long friendship, and John’s relationship with his straight-laced girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis).

Ted could easily have been a cringe-fest, and at times it was no better than a fluffy rom-com, with stock-standard romantic lines and the same tired plot as You, Me and Dupree.

Despite this, the story was enjoyable and the idea of Ted, fresh. I spent pockets of the film in fits of giggles. Seth MacFarlane was brilliant as the voice of Ted and the cause of much laughter on my side of the cinema.

The script was well written, and the romance between John and Lori believable, with well-timed comedic moments between Lori and Rex (Joel McHale), as her sleazy boss’s son. I loved the references to eighties toys and memorabilia throughout the film.

Ted also gives a well-timed nod to Peter Griffin in Family Guy, and the creepy subplot (watch to find out), though indulgent, was good fun.

3.5 stars

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