Friday, 12 March 2010

Visitations and light bulbs in the night

It’s official. I’m scared of ghosts. Can I be scared of something I don’t believe in? Well, after experiencing my lights turning on and off for no reason – even when the light switch is in the other room – and my fan suddenly turning itself on, depressions of air making sounds like footsteps in the hall and my friend in the spare room emitting high pitched giggles and mumbling at 2am … yes, I’m freaked out.

Of course the fan and the light wires might be crossed – which makes sense when I turn the light on and get the fan instead – but what about when the light turns on by itself, waking me up at 11pm and again at 3am last night. Freaky.

I’m up late at night now, exhausted and still sick, but a bit too squeamish to go to bed yet. I’d better go soon though – TV is fast turning in to a bunch of sex phone line ads, and some retarded exercise routine called “Zumba”. I’ve been watching it for so long that I’m almost considering it – even though the “previously fat people” all look like professional dancers and the guy who’s selling the dvd (for the low, low price of $145) looks like a real wanker. And their ear to ear smiles are almost as scary as my ghost.

I’ve been trying not to talk about it much, the ghost, except to laugh about it … because otherwise it’s just going to freak me out even more. But right now I just need someone to hug in bed with me and scare away the ghost for me.

I never should have watched Paranormal Activity. I thought it was a stupid movie and I didn’t find it scary at the time. It’s the ideas that the movie put in my head that started all this off; it doesn’t help that I live near a cemetery …

Right. I’m going to bed. And I’m not taking the Zumba dvd or any ghosts with me.

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