Saturday, 10 April 2010

"Many Many" Challenge (A Creative Brief)

Anyone can live with many

Many ways to live with all,

but then there’s many, many

hungry, and many more are feeling cold

Many reasons stop us giving

Many more tell us to wait –

but when there’s many children crying –

there’s just one beating heart and hand at stake…

There are many, many ways to leave things too late.


miku said...

Absolutely beautiful. Could I use it as an inspiration moment for my blog? with full credit obviously.

Amelia's Poetry Blog said...

Hi Miku

You won't believe it, but i've only just seen your comment. Thank you, I don't mind you using it at all, if you still wish to.

On the 20 April last year, I flew out to Europe for three months and I don't think I've logged in here much since!

Perhaps I should focus a bit more on my writing again ;)