Monday, 12 April 2010

Two Zucchini Flowers - A Word Challenge

You have me feeling as green as a zucchini
I’ve had lovers before, you and many more
But I’m a girl at heart; I don’t want to be seduced
I just want to be enchanted, so enchant me

My heart opened like a zucchini flower
But then you dropped me like a zucchini flower
You hit me with a zucchini flower
When I refused to cook for you last night

The memories of the good times will hold me
Though your fraying love for me has thrown me
You use to sing to me of blue goodbyes, over open skies
You use to enchant me

It began on a Sunday, as affairs often do
We went to the markets,
you juggled three zucchini flowers, dropped one
And I fell in love with you

Later, you kissed me in the garden
And we lay down in the summer sun
The sweet scent of crushed vegetables
The sweet tremble of your hand, your heart
I didn’t know it wouldn’t last

I’m feeling green and blue about you
The push and pull of love is true
But I watch you playing games with me
The push and pull of heart strings

I tried to make it work, but there isn’t anything left
I’ve peeled away our skins, and the only feeling left is hurt
If you hadn’t been so rough, if I hadn’t been so sharp
I just wanted to be enchanted, I forgot that that’s
just not enough.

I realized just last night, the clue was there
It was there right from the start
When you juggled those three zucchini flowers
You were really juggling with my heart

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