Monday, 16 May 2011

My Wings The Drum

I feel as if my wings were clipped the moment they unfurled
My head is spinning, my body is still.
My hand shaking to the beat of water drumming on the window sill.
I feel the throb of the city; its soul pounding out a rhythm I can dance to
And yet, I am so still.

The winds of change are strong now, when once they were so subtle
I barely realised the transformation, before I came undone.
Just one step and I will wake, walk from the rain and step into the sun
One step and I begin to run.

I draw breath into my lungs, one step and I begin to run.
Breaking sunlight shines through me, piercing my skin
I hold my arms out wide, to catch the flowing tide
The city beats beneath my feet, and carries me along

I listen for the muted beat of the drum.
I know it won’t be long.

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